Why I deserve to graduate

Why I deserve to graduate-11

Majority of students or all of the graduating students want to move on to the higher levels, that includes me. The student’s parents want their children to graduate.When you graduate on 6th grade you will be in higher levels and when you go to higher level, it gets harder. After all of the hard work, sweat and tears I believe that I deserve to be promoted in the next level.

I thought of the thing that would happen if I don’t graduate. I would repeat Grade 6. There is also a chance that I would transfer to another school. I should graduate because,I do my best at school,I behave and I know I don’t always behave but please, and I always respect my teachers.We all have to put an effort and work hard to make this possible. I know in my heart that I have done what is required of me and even more. I deserve to graduate this march because I am a person who strong-minded, focus, helpful, obedient, trustworthy, friendly. It may seem daunting at first but every time I think about how my whole family has supported me every step of the way, I realize that I am never alone in my journey to excellence.

I need to pass 6th Grade for me to be prepared in my adulthood and my ambitions in life.I will try my best to pass Grade Six so I can go to high school then get to college and fulfill my dream.I can achieve what I want, to convince every teacher that I deserve to pass and graduate.  And now that I am so close to making that small step I am excited and nervous at the same time because I know there will be new challenges ahead.


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